Who’s Taking the 2016 UEFA Euro Crown?

UEFA Euro Soccer Tournament has reached to its 15th edition in the year 2016. The tournament is arranged with a gap of four years among the European teams. UEFA organizes the tournament. The host for the 2016 UEFA Euro Soccer Tournament is France. According to the schedule, it is about to start from 10th June. The final match has been fixed on the 10th July. For this month long tournament, teams have been preparing themselves for a long time. Spain is the defending champion of the tournament as it has won the champion in the last two editions.

Format of the Tournament

There are about 24 teams from Europe in the tournament. From the year 1996, numbers of teams have been extended from mere 16. Based on the new format of the tournament, six groups are created. In each group, it is possible to observe four teams. Knock-out stage of the tournament is consisted of three stages. Some benefits have been enjoyed by France as it has qualified automatically in the tournament as the host country.

Through a bidding process, the host for the tournament has been decided on 28th May, 2010. Ten cities are chosen for the location of these matches. In addition to the beautiful UEFA Cup, the winner from the tournament gets a chance to take a part in the 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup in Russia.


Group A: France, Switzerland, Romania and Albania

Group B: England, Slovakia, England, Wales

Group C: Poland, Northern Island, Germany, Ukraine

Group D: Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Spain

Group E: Republic of Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Belgium

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, Austria and Iceland


On the 10th June, murmur of joyous crowd will be heard as the host country France will face Romania at the Stade de France.

Matches have been scheduled between Wales and Slovakia in addition to England and Russia from Group B on the same day. At the end of group matches, there are three quarter finals. The matches are expected to be played on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July. Following to the quarter finals, semi finals are arranged on 6th and 7th July. Further excitement and delight can be seen in the faces of the crowd if the host country secures a berth in semi-finals. Finals are scheduled at Stade de France.

Predictions for the team Italy

Italy has played beautifully in order to get a place in the group. Graziano Pelle has been in an excellent form. It has become possible for Italy to ensure lead by three goals due to this player. In the past, Italy has made it to the finals for three times. In 2012, they have lost in the finals in spite of a strong team. In the last 2014 World Cup, they have been defeated by Uruguay in knock-out.

Predictions for the team Croatia

Due to solid mid-field, Croatia has become a strong contender for 2016 UEFA Euro Soccer Tournament. Mid fielders like Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mateo Kovacic have been seen as the key players of the team. In a friendly match, they have also beaten Russia recently. Online bookmaker bet365 seems to agree with our assumption here as well. If you are unfamiliar with the likes of bet365, you can find a helpful review of bet365 here.

Southampton v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

The Reason Behind the Use of Food Props in Movies

In Broadway, movies and television shows, use of prop food is observed. Set designers often take responsibility of props. Therefore, requirement of food props have been noticed in several occasions. It is important to know what novelty food is before using in the set. These items look quite edible from a distance. In certain occasions, an actor is allergic to certain food products. However, actor needs to consume the item for the sake of character. In such situation, fake food can be used without any hassle.

Prop food is made to deal with the allergy issue. Therefore, it has become important to know if an actor is allergic to certain food items. If such issues are seen during shoot then appropriate measures must be taken with the novelty food. Similar need of fake food can be observed due to a vegetarian actor. Some actors cannot consume milk or cheese related products. Therefore, it is a great challenge for a prop manager. It is necessary to look for a reliable and experienced food props manufacturer in the process. Most delicate items of artificial food are obtained from Japan. Therefore, it is better to crack a deal with Japanese Fake Food manufacturer.

Fake food is chosen in the movies sets due its costs as well. For a scene, caviar can be required. In order to do the scene, it is not possible to waste hundred dollars. As a result, plastic food are utilized effectively. Budget of the production is kept under control easily. Complication can be observed with the preparation of food some time. It may take too much time to prepare the food. Look of the food may not be apt. Therefore, artificial display food is presented to fulfill the need of the hour. If the shooting goes for a long time then display food can be used time and again. There is no need to make the dish each day. Ice creams are used in the movies in similar fashion. It is not ideal to show a melting ice cream. Due to hot and harsh light of the set, ice cream can be melt quite easily. Similar issues may not be seen with a prop.

The location must be retained clean during shoot. Therefore, it is always better to go with the novelty food. Both the real and artificial food must be kept separately on the set. In case real food is used then it becomes necessary to store the items adequately. Due to lack of storage facility, look of the food can be altered completely. It can lead to continuity problems. Finding exactly same food item again is quite difficult. As a result, you must choose prop food.

Display fake foods are sculptures. Creativity is showcased through these items. Craftsmanship is presented in its truest form with these fake foods. Artists have accumulated skills through creation of novelty food for several years. Slice of the food can be presented perfectly in due course. Different parts of a food are offered for the shoot in case the actors are eating it.


Avoid These Common Mistakes When Calculating the Value of Your Business


Since the advancement of science and technology, everyday a large number of businesses, both large and small in size, or public and private are following the business valuation procedures due to the expansion of the business market in the global scenario. When you are considering to sell your business, you may come across several valuation literature with major business advancement skills and different educational pathways in order to up-skill your business valuation knowledge. Still a lot of business owners conduct certain mistakes while undertaking the engagements of such nature.

In this article, you will come to know about the most common mistakes for business valuation that you must avoid and why you must use some kind of business valuation calculator to accurately value your company in order to sell it.

  1. Mistakes in Calculating FME and ‘Average of 3’

While calculating the Future Maintainable Earnings (FME) by applying Income Approach with capitalization methodology, the common practice is to calculate the average for the past three financial years. Such method is typically flawed since the concept of FME always needs to look forward, not the retrospective move for assessing the earnings.

Often errors occur while calculating the average for the historical results for magnifying the wages, material costs, rents and other expenditures have been rapidly changed. In addition, the expenditures of shifting to larger premises or the expanded workforce cannot be captured in the appropriate manner. Moreover, in the averaging process, any changes in the pricing and departure from the earlier gross margins can be overlooked.

  1. Mistakes in Determining The Economic Drivers

In this fast pacing world, businesses are also subjected to undergo through constant changes. While some of the industries are sinking due to the technological disruptions, others grow uninterruptedly. Therefore, from the context of a business valuation, it is essential to determine the external factors as the key drivers for your business. From the research of IBISWorld, it has been come to know the industry reviews of ‘fly and fall’, which focuses that history is a poor guide for business valuation at either side of the spectrum. For example, in 2015 some of the suggested underperformers are referred to those who are engaged in manufacturing of construction machinery and mining. In the previous years, video stores and news agencies were named as the underperformers. Some of the outperformers are online groceries, hydroponic crop farming and so on. Therefore, when you are aiming to determine your business valuation, be it for selling a company or for other reason, you need to have deep understanding about the industry drivers that will help you to avoid impractical valuation conclusions.

  1. Failure to Crosscheck

The business valuation methods are always subjected to high discipline and it is the fact that getting the absolute agreements between the practitioners is rare. In spite of the fact that most of the business owners exclude the process of cross checking the business valuation conclusions which is one of the major paramount for confirming or dejecting any assertions. Such crosscheck helps to tighten the valuation range, ensure the outputs are relevant to the ‘real world’ and dismiss the erroneous conclusions. Therefore, conducting crosschecks using alternate methodologies is essential in order to validate or question the basic approach.

If you are new in business valuation, it is advisable to take help of a professional business valuation calculator who has expertise about the present trends of the industry and different techniques of business valuation methods.