The Reason Behind the Use of Food Props in Movies

In Broadway, movies and television shows, use of prop food is observed. Set designers often take responsibility of props. Therefore, requirement of food props have been noticed in several occasions. It is important to know what novelty food is before using in the set. These items look quite edible from a distance. In certain occasions, an actor is allergic to certain food products. However, actor needs to consume the item for the sake of character. In such situation, fake food can be used without any hassle.

Prop food is made to deal with the allergy issue. Therefore, it has become important to know if an actor is allergic to certain food items. If such issues are seen during shoot then appropriate measures must be taken with the novelty food. Similar need of fake food can be observed due to a vegetarian actor. Some actors cannot consume milk or cheese related products. Therefore, it is a great challenge for a prop manager. It is necessary to look for a reliable and experienced food props manufacturer in the process. Most delicate items of artificial food are obtained from Japan. Therefore, it is better to crack a deal with Japanese Fake Food manufacturer.

Fake food is chosen in the movies sets due its costs as well. For a scene, caviar can be required. In order to do the scene, it is not possible to waste hundred dollars. As a result, plastic food are utilized effectively. Budget of the production is kept under control easily. Complication can be observed with the preparation of food some time. It may take too much time to prepare the food. Look of the food may not be apt. Therefore, artificial display food is presented to fulfill the need of the hour. If the shooting goes for a long time then display food can be used time and again. There is no need to make the dish each day. Ice creams are used in the movies in similar fashion. It is not ideal to show a melting ice cream. Due to hot and harsh light of the set, ice cream can be melt quite easily. Similar issues may not be seen with a prop.

The location must be retained clean during shoot. Therefore, it is always better to go with the novelty food. Both the real and artificial food must be kept separately on the set. In case real food is used then it becomes necessary to store the items adequately. Due to lack of storage facility, look of the food can be altered completely. It can lead to continuity problems. Finding exactly same food item again is quite difficult. As a result, you must choose prop food.

Display fake foods are sculptures. Creativity is showcased through these items. Craftsmanship is presented in its truest form with these fake foods. Artists have accumulated skills through creation of novelty food for several years. Slice of the food can be presented perfectly in due course. Different parts of a food are offered for the shoot in case the actors are eating it.